• We have comprehensive technical capabilities of infrastructure making, we are doing various businesses supporting the economic foundation/livelihood foundation.

  • From electric construction, telecommunication construction, highway maintenance to solar power generation facilities construction, there are the many results.

  • We expand the business at home and abroad as a company with experience of "an engineering, construction, the maintenance" of the overall electric equipment construction more than 20 years.

「Keep making living environment friendly to the earth and people」

We keep supporting everybody's safe living for more than 20 years.
I meet trust and the expectation of the visitor by wide technology from general electric equipment construction to solar power generation facilities construction widely and aim at the creation of the further rich living environment.

What's New

Representative director greetings

We move forward with life and the trust of people since the founding in 1994.
We continue to strive for the goal of contributing to a better living environment by constantly accumulating experience related to electric facility construction, aiming always at the top.
And we will continue to provide services of "trust" and "relief" by making full use of our abundant technologies and experiences.
Also, I look forward to your continued patronage for the future.

Representative director Masami Kanzaki