We are taking electric construction work and photovoltaic power plant construction work.

Electrical installation work We will deliver safe and secure environment ny utilizing wide knowledge and experience.

We have talented persons with various capable electric technologies, so
we will respond to anything related to electricity.

  • General electrical work
  • Various lighting · Communication equipment construction
  • Maintenance work
  • Highway maintenance
  • Radio equipment construction
  • Communication pipeline, communication line, CATV construction

Please contact us for any business not listed here.

Solar power generation equipment construction We will consistently support the design, construction and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations.

We will strive to promote the renewable energy that is friendly to the natural environment and contribute to society through reducing environmental impact.

Mega solar power generation equipment etc. We are also working on overseas installation not only in Japan.

  • EPC business
  • O & M business
  • Pump station installation
  • Hospital electrical installation construction
  • Highway maintenance work
    Maintenance and inspection of installation in the tunnel
  • Construction of tunnel lighting installation
    Construction of the capital Highway new route
  • National road tunnel lighting
    Construction of lighting installation in the tunnel
  • Construction of electrical installation and communication installation
    in the tunnel audit hall
  • Highway lighting
    Construction of lighting installation, communication installation
  • Aqua line lighting
    Construction of lighting installation, communication installation
  • Road information board
    Installation and construction of information board
  • Fiber optic cable laying
    Safety patrol landscape
  • Fusion splicing / test of 1,000-core optical cable of trunk line
  • Sticking of optical cable in aerial work vehicle
  • Installation and construction of radio installation
    Installation and installation of wireless antenna
  • Communication pipeline · Communication line · CATV construction
    ·Construction of road information board
  • Construction of solar power generation installation
    Construction of mega solar power generation installation t
  • Engineering and construction of lighting, electricity, extension work
    Electric construction of building ordered by government office
  • High voltage cable withstand pressure test accompanying high
    voltage cable replacement
  • Power cable laying